New Product Announcement: Gentle and Effective All Body Moisturizing Cream Soothes Dry Skin

New Product Announcement: Gentle and Effective All Body Moisturizing Cream Soothes Dry Skin

Sep 3rd 2020

Looking for a hydrating full-body moisturizer? Look no further!

Announcing the release of Merlot Skin Care's All Body Moisturizing Cream. We developed this formula to deliver long-lasting hydration and gently protect skin with the powerful natural antioxidants found in red grape seeds. And, we put it in our first-ever large sized container – 16 oz.!

Moving into the fall and winter months, dry skin looms as a large concern, with skin redness, cracking, and irritation accompanying changing weather. Excessive dryness can lead to atopic dermatitis or eczema. Those already experiencing eczema need gentle formulas to relieve sensitive skin.

“We’re very excited to be releasing All Body Moisturizing Cream to help create relief for dry, dehydrated skin,” explains Wayne Beckley, CEO of Merlot Skin Care. “According to our 2020 customer survey, over half of the respondents said that keeping skin hydrated and moisturized and curbing dryness were their greatest concerns. We’re glad to offer this effective formula to address these needs.”

Combining the soothing effects of aloe with the antioxidant power of grape seeds and resveratrol, All Body Moisturizing Cream works to keep skin healthy and protected. Premium ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, help to boost skin’s natural suppleness. The product is non-comedogenic, non-greasy, and color-free. Like all Merlot Skin Care products, it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA.

In the 16 oz. jar, it’s also a tremendous value. “This is the first time we’ve released a product with a large sized container,” Beckley says. “We wanted to deliver a premium product that gives people a lot for their money.”

All Body Moisturizing Cream is available now at and on

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