Fresh For Spring: A New Formula For Healthy Hands

merlot skin care hand cream

Every day our hands touch hundreds of things – cell phones, keys, computers – all of which carry germs. To help keep these germs at bay Merlot Skin Care, the best-selling natural grape seed-based skin care brand, has released a new and improved formula for its Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer.

Unlike sanitizers that can leave hands feeling sticky or dry, Merlot Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer is a unique ultra-moisturizing lotion. The formula works to eliminate germs while softening skin, leaving hands feeling soft and healthy. While constantly washing your hands can leave skin dry and cracked, Merlot Hand Cream does double-duty – sanitizing while also providing a deep level of moisture.

Merlot’s Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer goes one step further, helping hands not only stay healthy, but look healthy too. “Our hands show our true age,” says Wayne Beckley, founder of Merlot Skin Care, “Merlot’s Hand Cream not only keeps skin soft, but it also works to fade age spots and keep hands looking younger.”

Utilizing aloe, matricaria flower, and grape seed extract Merlot Hand Cream soothes and protects skin with natural antioxidants and SPF, blocking damaging free radicals.

Merlot Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer retails for $10.00 at

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Merlot Skin Care At The White House

white house business council, merlot skin care

Merlot Skin Care is very excited to be attending the Business Forward meeting at the White House this week.

The White House Business Council and Business Forward have invited select business leaders to join them to discuss the President’s export and international trade policies.

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews, Deputy United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Holleyman, and senior Administration officials will lead the panel discussion.

Merlot’s Vice President, Michele Beckley, will be in attendance for the March 5 event. “As Merlot Skin Care begins to expand more internationally it’s a great opportunity to have input in the conversation surrounding U.S. trade policies,” Beckley says.

michele beckley, merlot skin care

Michele Beckley, Vice President, Merlot Skin Care

Since 2012 Beckley has been responsible for managing Merlot’s international expansion. She has shared her vital expertise on international ecommerce at the Small Business Development Center’s International Business Summits, frequently speaking on the challenges and opportunities of growing globally.

Merlot Skin Care products are available in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Peru, Dubai, and Vietnam.

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A Valentine’s Gift For You

Merlot Reserve serum, moisturizer with SPFWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve got a special gift for you! Get two premium Merlot RESERVE products (worth $110!) when you place an order over $100. These products are yours to keep, or to give to your favorite valentine.

You’ll receive Merlot RESERVE Ultra Rejuvenating Serum and Merlot RESERVE Moisturizer With SPF 50+.

The lightweight, silky Ultra Rejuvenating Serum works to instantly smooth and soften skin. Designed to hydrate all layers of skin, the serum utilizes powerful resveratrol to protect and restore skin. (Regularly $60)

As powerful as a sunscreen, yet specially formulated to absorb quickly to hydrate and soften skin, Merlot RESERVE Moisturizer With SPF 50+ works to revitalize and protect skin against damaging UV rays. Resveratrol offers additional protection and anti-aging properties. (Regularly $50)

Don’t miss these tremendous gifts – available now!

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The biggest secret to youthful-looking skin: Hydration

woman washing face, water, merlot skin care

At the beginning of every new year there’s a push to de-toxify and de-stress. One of the keys to de-toxifying is also one of the biggest secrets to youthful-looking skin: hydration.

Drink those eight glasses

While how much water we need depends on where we live and how active we are, the classic eight glasses a day is a good jumping off point. To make sure you get enough H20, keep a re-fillable water bottle on your desk and keep it filled throughout the day. Drink one bottle in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the afternoon.

Remix your diet

Certain foods can also help keep up our hydration levels. Spinach, watermelon, and other fruits and vegetables can be great sources of water. Easily add in a spinach salad to your lunch or dinner.

Hydrate while you sleep

Overnight, our bodies lose water through respiration (exhaling) and transpiration (sweating). To keep skin hydrated, consider adding a night cream into your daily routine. Dry, dehydrated skin can be more prone to show lines and wrinkles, while moisturized skin helps maintain your youthful look.

Raise a glass – of water!

3 Beauty Resolutions To Make In 2015

woman, new years resolutions, beauty, merlot skin care, grape seed

With just a few days before a brand new year, it’s a great time to make a few beauty resolutions for 2015.

  • Evaluate Your Daily Routine – The new year is a great time to take a look at the things you do to look and feel your best each day. We can all fall into certain habits – forgetting to wash our face before bed, neglecting to put on sunscreen, not drinking enough water – but we can take stock of these and make some changes to feel even better in the future. Take a minute to write down how you start and end each day, and one small change you could make, like drinking an extra glass of water.
  • Give Your Skin The One Thing It Needs – There’s usually one thing more than anything else that our skin is calling out for. For those of us with dry skin, it’s extra moisturizer. For those of us with thinner skin, it’s an extra dose of collagen. Does your skin feel overly dry? Are dark under-eye circles routinely a problem? Assess what your skin might be the most in need of and add in a product solution to your daily routine.
  • Say No To Sun Spots – While the sun can seem like our best friend, especially while we’re logging ski or beach time, it can really take a toll on our skin and contribute to premature aging. Make sure that your daily moisturizer has an SPF, and don’t forget to apply it to your hands as well as your face. To decrease the look of sun spots, keep an eye out for products like Merlot’s Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer, which can help fade already-established dark spots.

Just a few simple changes can have a big impact on how we feel each day. Start the new year off by looking and feeling better than ever.

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Are you Merlot Skin Care’s “Fan Of The Month”?

merlot skin care biggest fan, online contestWe are excited to launch a brand new program: Merlot “Fan Of The Month”

Every day Merlot Skin Care makes natural grape seed-based skin care products especially for YOU. We believe in good-for-you skin care and we know that you do too.

To honor you, our fans, we offer the chance to showcase that you’re our biggest fan during the month of November.

Enter by completing this handy online form and telling us what you love most about Merlot. The “Fan Of The Month” winner will get a special Merlot prize package and will have the opportunity to be featured on

Entries are due November 10, 2014. The winner will be announced at the end of November.

Contest is currently only open to entrants in the USA and Canada.

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Enter Our Halloween Treats Contest

UPDATE:  This contest is now CLOSED.

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year we’re forgoing the tricks and offering up some sweet treats!

We’ve got a Halloween Treats Contest on our Facebook page with your chance to win a Halloween prize packed with Merlot Cleanser, Grape Seed Eye Cream, and Lip Moisturizer, along with some classic Halloween candies. FB_Halloween

“Like” our post on Facebook to get entered to win, and “Share” for an additional chance.

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!

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Sneak Preview Of Merlot Skin Care’s Holiday 2014 Gift Sets

Take a peek at the gift sets Merlot has in store for the 2014 holiday!

Take Me Out

For the woman on the go, the “Take Me Out” gift set includes Merlot Moisturizer, 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil, and Merlot Lip Moisturizer with SPF 15 – all in a beautifully decorated purple take-out container. Perfect for hostesses, co-workers, instructors, and friends. holiday gift set 2014, merlot skin care, grape seed oil

Make Me Merry

Make sure her skin is cared for day and night with the four-piece “Make Me Merry” set that includes Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream, Merlot Moisturizer, Grape Seed Cleanser, and Purifying Peel Off Mask. Four full-sized products in adorable polka-dotted wrapping. Perfect for close friends and family – mothers, aunts and cousins. holiday gift set 2014, beauty, skin care, merlot skin care

Gift sets will be available starting in early November!

Are you a member of the press and want more info?  Contact us!

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New Science: Healthy Skin And Grape Seed Antioxidants

red wine red grapes resveratrolGreat news about grape seed antioxidants! A new study published in the journey Dermatology and Therapy suggests that resveratrol can help battle acne. Scientists at UCLA found that resveratrol helps stop the growth of the bacteria that causes acne. Just another reason to give your skin some Merlot!

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Your Exclusive $5 Off Discount Code

vineyard, merlot, wine, fall skin care It’s officially fall — the perfect season for relaxing with a little Merlot!

Relax and save some green with our exclusive discount code, available on select Merlot Skin Care products.

Enter the discount code MERLOTSAVEFIVE at checkout and save $5 off each of these popular Merlot products:

• Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream
• Merlot Moisturizer
• Purifying Peel Off Mask
• Grape Seed Eye Cream

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Offer code is case sensitive — use all caps.

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