What makes Merlot Moisturizer a natural wonder?

merlot moisturizer, aloe vera, grape seeds, natural skin careWhen we talk about the Merlot Skin Care line’s signature product, Merlot Moisturizer, we often talk about one thing: natural antioxidants. These natural antioxidants work to protect the skin against environmental damage (smog, pollution, harmful UV rays) and stress.

Where do these antioxidants come from? Merlot products use red grape seeds. What’s so special about red grape seeds? Found to be 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C, red grape seed antioxidants fight against free radicals – the particles that routinely damage our skin.

By providing antioxidant protection, Merlot Moisturizer helps inhibit the appearance of aging, providing a more youthful, healthy look.

In addition to grape seed extract, the Merlot Moisturizer formula utilizes aloe vera to help protect skin from UV damage. Aloe vera works to moisturize and hydrate skin while offering cooling and soothing properties. Hydrated skin is healthy skin!

Merlot Moisturizer has become a go-to product for those with sensitive skin thanks to its fragrance-free and non-irritating formula. Matricaria Flower (also known as chamomilla recutita) helps reduce redness. Its anti-inflammatory properties keep Merlot Moisturizer working gently and effectively.

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Announcing Merlot’s Summer Spa Day Pinterest Contest


pinterest contest, pin to win, Merlot Skin Care, grape seed, spa day


Merlot Skin Care, Pinterest contest, spa day, summer, grape seed

Join Merlot on Pinterest!

Winner will be notified by email.

Prize package includes:
White lightweight waffle weave robe, mesh shower tote, foldable water bottle (BPA free), facial brush, pedicure set, white flip flops, flower mesh bath sponge, exfoliating wash cloth, absorbent hair towel, iBling gem phone stand, Merlot Grape Seed Oil, Merlot Foot Cream, Merlot Exfoliating Scrub, Merlot Peel Off Mask, Merlot Eye Cream, Merlot Bath/Shower Gel, Merlot Travel Size Moisturizer, Merlot Travel Size Night Cream

Good luck with this Pinterest Contest!

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Don’t Forget Father’s Day – Make Sure He Gets Merlot For Men Moisturizer

manshavingFather’s Day is just around the corner, but before Sunday, June 15 arrives, give dad something he can use every day — Merlot For Men Moisturizer.

Whether he’s a rough and tumble outdoorsman or a casual sports-watcher, his skin needs care, hydration, and protection.  Merlot For Men contains SPF 15 to help block harmful UV rays.  It’s fragrance-free, so he can splash on his own aftershave or cologne.  And it doesn’t contain parabens or harsh ingredients.

Show the man in your life a little extra care with Merlot For Men Moisturizer.

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Get A Pore-Less Look In 15 Minutes

Close-up of a beautiful woman applying cream on her faceAre you ready for your close-up?  Want to look terrific in those summertime selfies?

If you want to get your skin prepped to look its best, get started with a quick and easy application of Merlot Purifying Peel Off Mask.

merlot peel off mask, facial cleansing mask, best skin careFormulated with natural grape seed, lemon, orange peel, grapefruit, and ginseng extract, the Peel Off Mask helps clarify skin without drying it out.  Plus, the ginseng extract helps soothe stressed skin, delivering a little bit of bliss while its being applied.  Cleanse skin, apply mask, and let set for 15 minutes.  Gently peel away.  (Any remaining pieces can be wiped away with warm water.)

The mask helps eliminate imperfections while letting skin retain its natural moisture.  Skin looks radiant and pore-less.  Use it before applying moisturizer or makeup.

Reveal clarified, hydrated skin in just 15 minutes!

Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day

Looking for a little something extra to show Mom how much you care? What better way than with some at-home spa treatment with some of her favorite Merlot Skin Care products.

mother's day, mother's day gifts, merlot skin care, bubble bath, tulips
Help her start her day off right with Merlot Moisturizer.

Draw her a soothing bubble bath with Merlot Bath/Shower Gel.

Make sure she gets a good night’s rest, relaxed with Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream.

Plus, let us do the gift wrapping! Order $40 or more at merlotskincare.com and we’ll gift wrap* your items for FREE.

Just write: “Yes, I want free gift wrapping!” in the comments section of your order form.

Order by Sunday, May 4 to ensure Mother’s Day delivery.
*Gift wrapping colors and styles may vary.  Offer only available online.

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Join our 200 Club!

NOTE: This code has expired.


Don’t miss out on this terrific deal!  Orders over $200 get a 50% discount with our special offer code.


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Free Sporty Tote Bag

merlot tote bagSpring has sprung and it’s time to get out and about!  Whether you’re headed to the pool, the gym, or taking a quick weekend getaway, carry your gear in this sporty purple nylon tote bag.  It’s yours FREE with purchases over $100.  It’s only available for a limited time, so make sure to get yours now.

Only available at merlotskincare.com

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Shop Now For 50% Off All Products

Once a year we offer our loyal customers big-time savings, and this year it’s here early! During March shop Merlotskincare.com and save 50%.

merlot skin care, 50% off sale, natural grape seed, skin care, skin care best buys

It’s a great time to try some new products or stock up on your favorites.

Transition your skin into spring with Merlot 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil.

Freshen, firm, and bring out the best in your complexion with Merlot Hydrating Toner.

Enjoy sweet dreams and wake up hydrated with Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream.

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Valentine’s Day Pinterest Contest

UPDATE: This contest is now closed.  Thanks for entering!

We’re launching a special Valentine’s Day Pinterest contest!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow Merlot Skin Care on Pinterest

2. Re-pin the image below and include the hashtag #merlotvalentine

3. Email a link to your pin.

ONE lucky winner will receive the Merlot Skin Care products pictured in the photo.

The prize package includes Merlot Moisturizer, Cleanser, and 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil, all gift wrapped for Valentine’s Day!

Contest expires February 5, 2014.  Winners will be notified by email.

Good luck and best wishes!

valentine, merlot skin care, contest, pinterest

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Make 2014 Your Year

At the start of every new year it’s easy to get wrapped up in resolutions.  While it’s thrilling to make ambitious plans and set challenging goals, it’s also important to make sure that we take care of ourselves every day.

Whether your goals are to climb Mt. Everest or get a new job, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking and feeling your healthy best!

Here are some simple ways to stay feeling good daily:

water* Drink more water — One of the best ways to give your skin a thoroughly healthy glow is to make sure you’re hydrated.  Try this — drink a small bottle of water with your breakfast, and then one in the afternoon.  You’ll look and feel better.

* Cleanse your face before bed — Remove the dirt, oils, and stress of the day by cleansing your skin before you go to sleep.  Make sure your makeup gets properly removed and let your pores breathe.  Then you can rest easy.

* Don’t forget the SPF — The sun doesn’t only come out in summer (even though it sometimes feels that way!) — it’s important to protect your skin against UV rays year-round.  Look for products like Merlot Moisturizer that have an SPF built-in.

* Pay attention to your hands — Our hands are one of the places that most notably show our age.  Make sure they stay soft and protected.

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