Skin Care to Keep Your Neck Looking Young

Skin Care to Keep Your Neck Looking Young

Oct 18th 2021

While your daily skin care routine may be concentrated on your face, there’s another area that shouldn’t be overlooked. The neck and upper chest, or dècolletage, also deserve some specific care. When neglected, these areas can often show signs of aging in a more pronounced way. The skin in these areas can be thinner and more delicate, and prone to concerns that are different than the face. For instance, if you’re experiencing acne or extreme dryness on your face, you may not have those concerns on your neck and upper chest.

All areas of our skin can be susceptible to environmental damage, and while we’re likely to moisturize our faces and apply sunscreen, it’s easy to forget that our neck and chests can be just as exposed. Applying a moisturizer or cream that contains antioxidants is a good first step toward protection. Beyond that, using an SPF or sunscreen product, especially if you’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time, is a must.

To address the concern of potential crepe-y looking skin, you can utilize products that will moisturize and bolster skin’s elasticity. Merlot Chin Up Neck Firming Cream uses natural oils and root extracts, including jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil, to revitalize skin’s appearance.

Merlot Chin Up also soothes and firms with shea butter and ginseng extract.

While there is no topical cure for sagging skin or “turkey neck” — the drooping of the under-chin area — you can extend your skin care routine to protect the chin and neck areas and ensure a smooth appearance. Gravity may weigh on these areas more, but you can make sure they get a little extra care too.