Your Skin Care Questions Answered: Why Use a Toner?


I’ve been reading online that toner is an “optional” step in your cleansing routine. Can you tell me your perspective on this? What causes the tightness you feel on your face?

- Michelle D., Canada


Toner is used to help seal skin's pores. After cleansing, our pores have opened up (allowing the cleanser to work), and applying a toner is going to help seal these pores and keep them clean. Most toners are alcohol-based, which can cause a "tight" feeling, though it can often over-dry skin. In Merlot's Hydrating Toner we don't use alcohol, but instead use witch hazel – a much gentler alternative that seals pores and leaves skin feeling soft, rather than dry. Many people do still consider toner "optional," but toners are gaining in popularity and usage.

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