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Your Skin Care Questions Answered: Why Use a Toner?

Your Skin Care Questions Answered: Why Use a Toner?

Jul 27th 2018


I’ve been reading online that toner is an “optional” step in your cleansing routine. Can you tell me your perspective on this? What causes the tightness you feel on your face?

- Michelle D., Canada


Toner is used to help seal skin's pores. After cleansing, our pores have opened up (allowing the cleanser to work), and applying a toner is going to help seal these pores and keep them clean. Most toners are alcohol-based, which can cause a "tight" feeling, though it can often over-dry skin. In Merlot's Hydrating Toner we don't use alcohol, but instead use witch hazel – a much gentler alternative that seals pores and leaves skin feeling soft, rather than dry. Many people do still consider toner "optional," but toners are gaining in popularity and usage.

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