Why You Should Get Outside

Why You Should Get Outside

Posted by Savannah White on May 2nd 2018

As the weather begins to warm up and the sun comes out to play, so do we! Spending more time outdoors has many benefits. However, preventing skin damage is always a concern. It is important to remember that lathering on high SPF sunscreen every few hours can help keep skin safe, and your overall health will reap the benefits. Your skin health is directly related to the health of your body — both mentally and physically. Spending time in the outdoors is the perfect way to maintain your health and keep a clear complexion.

Here are five benefits of getting your daily dose nature:

1. Vitamin D.The best way to get this vitamin is to go outside! The sun supplies us with the best source of Vitamin D. Getting enough of this hormone is essential in keeping your immune system functioning like a well-oiled machine. If you don’t get enough sunlight and Vitamin D, research points to risks of problems associated with cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and osteoporosis among others. Getting Vitamin D from natural sources (i.e. the sun), rather than supplements, is the most effective and safest option.

2. Catch some zzzzs. Can't sleep? Poor sleep can be caused by bad sleep patterns. Your sleep pattern is regulated by an internal body clock called the circadian rhythm. If your circadian rhythm is off, then you will not sleep well. The circadian rhythm is tied to the sun’s schedule. If you spend too much time inside and hidden from natural lighting, this can confuse your internal body clock and damage sleep patterns. Early morning light, in particular, has been shown to assist in recalibrating sleep cycles. So, spending a few consecutive days outside will help you sleep better, and in turn, start a domino effect of healthy benefits!

3. Get moving. We all know that exercise is good for us! Even a light walk can have many benefits. When you sit too much, this can result in fat-burning impairment, decreased bone density, possibility of strokes, increased blood pressure and even a shortened life span. Exercise combats all these health issues. All you have to do is move and get your heart rate up for as little as 30 minutes a day. While exercising in general is good, try not to limit yourself to workouts in the gym. Go for an outdoor run or hike. In short, if you want to live longer, go outside!

4. Don’t forget about your brain. While your physical health is important, mental and psychological health should not be overlooked. There are massive benefits from the outdoors for your mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature has been linked to a variety of benefits including lengthened attention spans, boosts in serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter) and increased brain activity in areas responsible for empathy, emotional stability and even love. Have you been feeling down lately? Go outside, get moving, and soak up the sunlight.

Getting outdoors contains immense benefits. Just sitting in the sunlight basks your body in much needed Vitamin D. Don’t deprive yourself of these essential, and all-natural health resources! Don't forget to protect your skin with sunscreen, and make sure to hydrate and moisturize. Now get out! 

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