Three tips for your spring beauty routine

Three tips for your spring beauty routine

May 1st 2018

Spring is in full bloom, but while things may coming up roses, spring can also mean more pollen in the air and aggravated allergies.

Here are our three best tips for navigating spring skin care:

  • Before starting in on your beauty routine, wash your face and hands first. This can help deter the spread of pollen, keeping it out of your moisturizer and makeup.  Make sure to sufficiently close the lids and caps on any products you use. 
  • Read the labels on any medications you may be taking. Medications can trigger different reactions to products, and this may change with seasonal shifts.
  • Boost your hydration by adding a drop or two of oil to your daily moisturizer. Coming out of the especially dry winter months, our skin often needs an extra dose of moisture. 

Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of a fresh new season!