This is our winter skin care secret weapon

Winter is the time of year when our skin can get put through the ringer – from indoor heating that can sap our skin’s moisture, to the frigid, windy outdoors that can chap and chafe. These conditions call for us to pay a little extra attention to our skin – and add an extra dose of hydration.

Our wintertime secret weapon? Merlot Vineyard Gold Facial Oil.

Merlot Skin Care Facial Oil

What makes it our go-to solution:

  • It’s a little bottle that can make a big difference for dry, dehydrated, and windburned skin. 
  • It’s 100% pure – cosmetic-grade natural grape seed oil.
  • It’s lightweight – just a couple drops can coat the skin. While it sinks in to hydrate, it won’t clog pores.
  • It packs an antioxidant punch — protecting skin from environmental damage. 

Mix it into your regular moisturizer, or use it on its own – either way you’ll be doing your winter skin a favor by giving it some much needed relief.