Is Pollution Damaging Your Skin? Here’s How To Protect It

Is Pollution Damaging Your Skin? Here’s How To Protect It

Jul 23rd 2020

Over the years, we’ve become savvy to applying sunscreen before stints in the sun. We know that UV rays cause damage and show up in the form of sun spots, and that sunscreen helps offer protection. But how should we prep our skin for being in and around cities every day?

In cities and developed areas, there are higher concentrations of environmental pollution – including smoke, smog, and manufactured chemicals. According to the EPA, about 70 million tons of pollution were emitted into the atmosphere in the US in 2019. 

Those pollution particles interact with our skin and can prompt reactions – including irritation, dull and dry skin, and signs of premature aging. The particles don’t just sit on top of skin, they affect skin on a deeper level, getting into the epidermis. The oxidative stress generated by these pollution particles damages skin cells.

So, what can we actually do for our skin?


The easiest thing to do each day is keep skin cleansed. Washing your face regularly helps rid skin of dirt and oil. It’s especially important to cleanse in the evening, removing particles that build up during the day.


After cleansing, applying a gentle toner can further help purify pores. Pour a small amount on a cotton pad, and wipe it over skin. Toning can help catch any additional particles that cleansing missed.


Your skin needs a barrier to help protect against pollutants and urban dust. A lightweight spray like Hydrating Anti-Pollution Mist can help provide a needed shield. Keeping your eyes closed, spray the mist evenly over your face. There’s a refreshing cooling effect as the mist lands.

Hydrating Anti-Pollution Mist utilizes Pollushield, an ingredient which combines a polymer with an antioxidant, working to capture pollution metals. In tests, application of Pollushield found lower levels of metals getting into the epidermis; and improvement in complexion after just two weeks.

Regularly taking these steps in your daily routine can make a visible difference in tone, complexion and skin health.