How To Curb Seasonal Breakouts And Manage “Maskne”

How To Curb Seasonal Breakouts And Manage “Maskne”

Jul 13th 2020

As the seasons shift, our skin care needs do too. Moving into summer, the dryness of winter may fade away, but our skin’s balance can change.

Summer months can often mean breakouts. Sure, summer usually includes poolside lounging, backyard barbecues, and opportunities to hit the beach, but as we increase our outdoor time in hot temperatures, sweat and oil accumulation can lead to clogged pores.


During summer it becomes even more important to have a regular cleansing routine, and to opt for a mild cleanser that won’t irritate skin or exacerbate blemishes. Harsh treatments can further inflame skin with increased sun exposure, so the milder the better!

Go More Natural

To let your pores breathe, ditch the heavy foundation during summer months. Keep makeup light as much as you can. A little concealer stick can do a good job of evening skin’s appearance, but if you can, go natural.

Limit Exfoliation

While exfoliation works to open up pores, it also prompts oil production. This can be healthy in moderation, but during the summer it can create too much oil production if done too often. Exfoliating once per week can be a good rule of thumb.

This summer our outdoor routines and day-to-day activities will likely include a fair amount of mask wearing. Along with hand-washing and social distancing, wearing a mask is one of the best ways to limit transmission of Covid-19.

Extensive mask wearing can impact the skin, and in some cases, lead to “maskne” – acne that forms on the cheeks, jaw, or chin – areas where the mask fits against the face. There are a few things to keep in mind to help limit these types of breakouts.

Wash Your Mask

If you’re wearing cloth masks, be sure to wash them regularly. Use hot water and detergent to kill germs, looking for a detergent that will be gentle on skin. Find a detergent that is free of fragrances and dyes, as those can be skin irritants. The goal is to kill germs and eliminate any dirt, oil, and bacteria left on the mask.


In addition to regular cleansing, moisturizing skin will help it maintain its protective barrier. Moisturizing keeps skin healthy and hydrated – even more essential as masks can wear against our outer layers of skin cells.

Spot Treat

For breakouts that do occur, you can take a measured approach, targeting blemishes with a spot treatment. Apply a small amount of treatment directly to outbreaks, choosing a solution with salicylic acid, which can be more gentle than other ingredients.

Pay attention to your skin’s needs from day to day and vary your routine accordingly.