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How can you get your hands on Japan’s best-selling blemish treatment?

How can you get your hands on Japan’s best-selling blemish treatment?

May 23rd 2019

Announcement time! Read the official press release.

Japan’s Best-Selling Blemish Treatment Comes to the U.S.

Ban breakouts and love your skin again with First Crush


Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from acne each year, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Breakouts and blemishes can erode confidence and self-esteem, and the products available to treat them are often costly and ineffective. Breakout sufferers can feel like they’ve tried everything, without success. However, now Japan’s top-selling treatment is coming to the U.S. First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment is an effective, affordable all-in-one solution for battling breakouts.

From the makers of Merlot Skin Care, the natural grape seed-based skin care brand, First Crush is specifically designed to put the power of a multi-product acne treatment kit into one easy-to-use tube. Say goodbye to an expensive multi-step skin care routine and hello to a simple one-step solution for clear skin.

“First Crush combines three products in one,” says First Crush creator Wayne Beckley. “It’s effective, convenient, and doesn’t carry the hefty price tag associated with treatment kits that require three different products to work. It’s been a great success in Japan, and we’re excited to bring it to the U.S.”


With a gentle Cleanser, powerful Treatment, and renewing Toner, First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment works to eliminate the dirt and oil that can cause the blackheads that lead to breakouts.

First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment tackles breakouts in three ways:

  • Cleanses – Gentle non-drying cleanser rids skin of dirt and oil.
  • Treats – Breakthrough salicylic acid formula eliminates dead skin cells and bacteria, without being harsh on skin.
  • Tones – Renewing toner freshens, firms, and invigorates skin.


While those with sensitive skin struggle to find formulas that won’t irritate or overly dry skin, First Crush 3-in-1 has been specially designed to work with all skin types. Unlike other treatment products that rely on harsh benzoyl peroxide, First Crush uses gentle salicylic acid to eliminate dead skin cells.

First Crush contains targeted natural ingredients, including soothing ginseng extract, rosemary, and orange peel extract. Tea tree oil and lavender oil combat blemish-causing bacteria.

And, First Crush goes even further by utilizing grape seed extract, a natural acne fighter. Grape seed works to repel bacteria from forming on the skin, acting as a protective barrier, and working to prevent pores from clogging.

First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment’s cutting-edge formula:

  • Contains targeted natural ingredients
  • Uses gentle salicylic acid to eliminate dead skin cells
  • Combats blemish-causing bacteria with Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil
  • Soothes skin with Ginseng Extract
  • Utilizes grape seed extract, a natural acne fighter, to help prevent clogged pores

First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment retails for $19.95.

About First Crush

From the makers of Merlot Skin Care, First Crush 3-in-1 Anti-Blemish Treatment works gently and effectively to banish blemishes and save skin. Made in the USA. Cruelty-free. Vegan-friendly. First Crush loves breakthroughs, not breakouts. 


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