Grape-Seed Oil: The Beauty Ingredient You Need

Grape-Seed Oil: The Beauty Ingredient You Need

Posted by Savannah White on Mar 12th 2018

Every week there seems to be a new “trending” health ingredient. Avocados have been the reigning hipster health trend for the last year, but they will be replaced eventually. With recent health trends, there's been a return to focusing on all-natural ingredients. It's happening not only in food, but in skincare products. If you are fueling your body with non-chemical, non-GMO ingredients, why not treat your skin with the same care?

Merlot Skin Care cares about quality, healthy ingredients. All-natural fruits extracts are used in products such as the Grape Seed Cleanser. This cleanser contains extracts from a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables including grapes, papayas, green apples and cucumbers! Rest assured, you will only be putting the finest ingredients onto your skin.

The best part about using natural ingredients is they are incredibly powerful. The primary fruit extract used in the creation of this cleanser is grape seeds.

Grape seed oil is a common ingredient in a variety of foods and natural skincare products. This oil is collected from grapes that have been used to make wine. This oil contains linoleic acid and many antioxidants that do the face and body good. Grape seed oil is also non-comedogenic — it does not clog pores or irritate most sensitive skin types!

There are just too many health benefits to ignore grape seed oil. It can help fade scars, protect against damaging free radicals and deeply nourish your skin.

Grape seed extract helps fade scars. This extract is rich in Vitamin E which has been proven to lessen the severity of scars. Linoleic acid, in combination with essential fatty acids, work together to speed up the healing process and work to decrease the formation of new keloid scars.

Grape seed extract prevents sun damage. Whether consumed or applied directly to the skin, grape seeds are a powerful protective force against the sun’s damaging UV rays. The strong antioxidants and PTOs (proanthocyanidin) are at work, fighting free radicals. These ingredients can lighten age spots and help provide a layer of protection against sun damage.

Grape seeds tighten skin. The strong antioxidant (PTOs) in grape seeds can increase the production of collagen. This can reduce the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks. When applied daily, these powerful seeds promote healthy, glowing, youthful-looking skin!

Grape seeds can promote hair growth. Because this oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that aid hair health, choosing beauty products that contain this ingredient is vital. Grape seeds not only excel in delivering hydration to your face, but it's important to notice the benefits towards hair health. It has been proven to lower DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a common culprit in both female and male hair loss. Thus, grape-seed oil is a powerhouse for not only your face, but your tresses!

Grape seed extracts deeply moisturize. You probably saw this one coming! Due to the many anti-inflammatory properties, high levels of linoleic acid, and the fact that it won't clog pores, grape seed extract is perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin. It is common for effective moisturizers to cause pores to clog, as they leave an oily residue. However, grape-seed oil dries instantly upon application. Using a cleanser that contains this ingredient is recommended for all types of skin.

It is important your delicate skin receives the treatment it deserves! Merlot’s Grape Seed Cleanser not only contains powerful ingredients such as grape seeds, but other fruits such as green apples and papaya. Give it a try and see the natural ingredients work a wonder on your skin today. 

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