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Facial Mist: What's in it?

Facial Mist: What's in it?

Posted by Savannah White on Apr 9th 2018

What is facial mist? Many beauty aficionados swear by them, but are these fancy sprays really worth it? Water sprays contain more than the average glass of H2O. Merlot’s New Super Hydrating Mist is an alcohol-free, fragrance-free, refreshing burst of hydration that cools your skin with one spray.

This spray is specifically formulated with skin-benefitting ingredients that calm and soothe stressed-out skin. Merlot’s Super Hydrating Mist doesn’t just contain grape seed extract (which is full of ultra-hydrating ingredients) but also resveratrol, sodium hyaluronate, and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

What do those ingredients do?

Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a plant compound which acts like an antioxidant. This compound is a naturally occurring polyphenol that is most often found in red grapes, some berries, and dark chocolate. The antioxidant is praised for its anti-aging benefits and as a potential remedy for a range of age-related conditions. Eating these foods or taking this compound in supplements can assist in a range of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking a few glasses of wine can help deliver these benefits, but putting this direct compound onto your skin has been proven to boost skin’s health too. This antioxidant reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne and skin dryness. Resveratrol, which works to slow the aging process of your skin, helps to provide skin with a youthful glow!

Sodium Hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. Breaking this definition down further, this acid is usually found naturally in the fluid which bathes your joints, in the vitreous humor the eye and the skin. While it is abundant in the dermis of your skin in youth, the levels decline with age, making your skin appear older. 

How does it work? Hyaluronic acid gives your skin volume. It holds tight to water as water levels decline with age. If this hydration is lost, skin loses its youthful fullness. Because of this, dermatologists can inject this acid into the skin to restore facial fullness as an anti-aging treatment. However, used topically or as an ingredient in skincare products such as hydrating mists, this acid works to moisturize without leaving your skin feeling “greasy” afterwards. 

This acid is gentle and non-irritating for most skin types and provides a protective layer on the surface of the skin, further increasing the ability of the skin to hold water! All of these components equal giving skin a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Barbadenis Leaf Juice. This is the fancy definition of a powerful ingredient we already know — aloe vera. If you have ever had a painful burn or sunburn, you have probably used this to soothe your skin and relieve pain. Aloe vera is an indigenous succulent that contains clear gel inside its fronds that have been used for centuries to heal many different sorts of topical ailments. It is chock full of antioxidants including beta carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Containing over 75 different nutrients, aloe vera acts as a protective layer to the skin. 

The gel that comes from aloe vera leaves when broken, are also full of minerals and other ingredients that detox the cells, such as amino acids and uronic acids, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as fatty acids or salicylic acid. Aloe vera is powerful. When used topically or in skincare products, aloe barbadensis heals dry, damaged, broken, sensitive and irritated skin.

These three ingredients — resveratrol, sodium hyaluronate and barbadensis leaf juice— work alongside grape seed extract to soothe, refresh and slow the aging process of the skin. 

Try out Merlot’s Super Hydrating Facial Mist for a refreshing burst. 

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