Where can you find Merlot Skin Care products?

A note to our customers:  currently you may have had trouble finding Merlot Skin Care products on shelf at Walgreens. After October Merlot products will no longer be available in Walgreens stores. They may continue to be available through Walgreens.com, and the full Merlot product line is always available at merlotskincare.com.

To make sure that you’re able to get the Merlot products you love, we have revamped our website, making it easier to order online and from your mobile device. You’ll get fast delivery with the freshest products.

We’ve also made select products available through Amazon Prime to ensure you can get these products quickly, delivered directly to your door. View our Amazon store here.

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Since 2001 we’ve been proud to be part of your daily skin care routine and will continue to produce the high-quality products you know and love. 

Thank you for your passionate support!