Snow Protection or No Protection?

The winter weather drains the moisture right out of your skin. Layering on hydrating products and drinking more water are a given. But, what else can you do to avoid chapping and dryness? Properly protecting your skin will make all the difference! Putting in a little extra effort will be worth surviving the harsh cold weather with glowing skin.

Here are four tips to protect your face from winter weather causing damage.

Just because you’re bundled up doesn’t mean your skin is protected adequately

While piling on layers provides some protection from cold winds and the generally drier air, it doesn’t do enough. Even before putting on gloves, you should be lathering on rich lotion or hand salve. Try out this body butter to help prevent against cracking.

Don’t leave the house without chapstick

An often overlooked part of the body is your lips. But don’t forget to show them some love! Using a good lip balm is a must. Licking your lips can actually make your chapped lips worse. Instead, use hydrating lip balm—but not just any lip balm. The experts say choose a lip balm with formulas that contain dimethicone or petrolatum. These ingredients are best at maintaining lip health in the snow and wind!

Beware of fabrics

While bundling up in your favorite wool scarf may seem like a good idea, it may be hurting your skin. Steer clear of scratchy, itchy fabrics often used for clothing such as scarves, as they can disrupt the sensitive barrier of the skin. Don’t put your skin at an even greater risk of chapping! If you want to wear a scarf, trying finding one made of a softer fabric.

Sunglasses aren't just a summer accessory 

In the sunny, warm months you never leave the house without sunglasses. Even though the days may be darker and cloudier in the winter, don't forget to protect your eyes! The reflection of the sunlight on the snow can harm your eyes with powerful UV rays. In addition to this, harsh winds and gusts of snow can damage the sensitive skin area around your eyes.

These tips may seem self-explanatory but can be easily forgotten! Following through with these tips will help you maintain your skin effortlessly through colder weather.