Six Tips For A Happy Holiday

Wishing you and yours a bright holiday season!

This time of year can be challenging for keeping up healthy habits, maintaining energy, and making enough time for ourselves.

Here are a few tips to help bring some health and wellness to your holidays:

Make some time to stretch. Getting out of bed on a cold morning can be tough, but engaging in a few easy stretches after you wake up can help warm up your muscles. Stretching can also help prevent injury and improve stability — definitely beneficial when you’re rushing around getting last minute gifts!

Keep your hairstyling routine simple. Even for a holiday party, a sleek pony tail or bun can look really elegant — and helps save time getting ready. For a little sparkle, add a small headband.

Grab a cup of (green) tea. When it’s cold outside, a warm drink does wonders. Green tea is high in antioxidants and can help improve blood flow.

Give a gift that benefits a good cause. There’s an abundance of companies using their sales to give back in some way. (Check out places like Ten Thousand Villages for home goods, or One Hope for wine — they even have a Merlot!) It feels good to give a gift, and it’s an added bonus to pay it forward.

Sign up for a fun run or walk. If the weather’s not too cold, join a friend or family member for some outdoor exercise. Catch up and connect while doing right by your body. The runner’s high is usually worth it.

Write a thank you note. Have a co-worker that you couldn’t do your job without? Or a friend who has gone the extra mile? Hand writing a note is a simple way to collect your thoughts and tell someone how much you care. The act of gratitude with make you feel good too!