Simple Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Signs of bad nutrition and stress are the first to show on your skin. Whether you are coming home for the holidays, spending time with loved ones, or just taking a few days off work, the holidays can be the perfect time to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate. Taking time to take a breather is a perfect way to maintain healthy skin!

Here are four simple tips for staying healthy and happy throughout the holiday season!

1. Watch what you eat. It’s common to pack on a couple extra pounds during the holidays-- and these extra calories aren’t coming from nutrient rich foods. Don’t be afraid to indulge in holiday desserts every once and awhile. However, be aware of portion size! Sugary foods can cause acne and skin blemishes. Having some moderation is all it takes to enjoy, but stay healthy!

2. Stay active. It’s important to keep a consistent workout routine year around. But, it can be especially difficult during the holiday season! Schedules are ever changing and often involve travel. You should be aiming to move five days a week for 30 minutes. That’s all it takes! Even with cold weather outside, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise and get in the holiday mood. Try ice-skating or sledding with the family!

3. Help others. Don’t forget about mental health! Depression and suicidal tendencies increase during the holiday season. Keep an eye for yourself, friends and family members. Watch for signs of depression and other issues among those close to you. Try to make others feel welcome during the holidays-- invite friends over, volunteer or give to those less fortunate.

4. Find ways to de-stress. While the holidays can be filled with laughter, excitement and love, they can also be a little hectic! Finding time to decompress, taking a moment to recenter yourself, may be necessary to stay energized and healthy. Stepping away from all the excitement for 30 minutes to meditate or just have time for yourself, is important.

All of these factors influence your health and as a byproduct, the appearance of your skin. Maintaining our health during the holidays may be difficult at times, but the long term payoff is worth it!

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