​Keeping Up With Resolutions: Part One

It’s 2018! At the beginning of every new year, new resolutions are made. These range from losing weight, giving up sugar, exercising, taking better care of one's skin and more. Unfortunately, according to The Huffington Post, only 8 percent of people succeed in keeping their New Year resolutions!

Perhaps you made a resolution… and this time, you really want to keep it. Here is part one of some tips on how to succeed in reaching your goals this year. 

Make simple resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, we can get over-ambitious. There are many things we want to change. You may want to lose weight, read more and drink more water. However, setting too many goals can be overwhelming and increase your risk of forgetting, quitting and ultimately failing. Don’t overhaul your entire lifestyle at once! Choose one or two smaller resolutions and it will be easier for you to stick to them.

Be realistic

While your New Year’s resolution may be to find fulfilment, that’s a pretty lofty goal. Start with a smaller goal and take baby steps towards it. Begin by making one small change at a time. Consistency is key. It takes time and daily effort to reach a bigger end!

Create bite-sized portions

In continuation of the above tip, once you have chosen a smaller goal, break it down even further. What are immediate, practical steps you can take to achieve it? Your final goal should now be in manageable chunks. This is the most essential ingredient for success! This is when you build up the willpower that you can use to fall back on in moments of weakness.

Make a time-frame

Writing out your goals and putting them into a time frame is essential. This will keep you on track and give you the ability to log your day-by-day progress. Pick up a diary or calendar and write in your goals. Being able to see them will keep your motivated! 

Check out part two next week! 

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