Dr. John Talks: Why He Chose Merlot Moisturizer

The skin is your body’s largest organ and a protective barrier. But the care of one’s skin is often overlooked. Many skincare products are loaded with harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients. Chemical-laden hygiene products, fragrances, deodorants and even city-treated water can expose dangerous and potential irritants onto your skin and into your body.

Dr. John P. Fanning

With hundreds of different cremes and lotions claiming to be “all natural” and “most effective” flooding the market, the choice can be difficult. 

How do you find a balance with a healthy skincare routine? 

Which products actually work?

“I chose the Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer because of its ingredients,” said Dr. John P. Fanning in an interview. “They are all natural. There are a lot of benefits of grape seed.”

After graduating medical school three years ago, Fanning is now an army surgeon and holds a general practice position in Texas. He began using the Merlot Moisturizer six months ago.

“I’ve seen a definite difference in my skin,” Fanning said. “My skin has cleared and is noticeably less dry.”

Many believe using a daily moisturizer isn't necessary. But protecting your skin by using a daily moisturizer is important.There are benefits besides just hydration.

Grape seed extract, the keynote ingredient in Merlot Moisturizer is rich in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory antioxidants known to help with acne breakouts and slow the aging process. This natural ingredient can help treat acne, restore collagen and reduce scars.

The moisturizer for also ideal for sensitive skin, due to its light, airy, non-greasy feel.

“It’s so smooth,” Fanning said. “It doesn't make me feel like I have anything on. It’s not heavy on your skin at all.”

Grape Seeds

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a nationally recognized holistic medicine physician, agrees grape seeds are rich in powerful antioxidants and natural plant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). These complexes are known for their ability to assist in destroying free radicals in the body which in turn may help avoid premature aging and certain chronic diseases.

“Simply, it’s good to take care of your skin,” Fanning agrees. 

Hypo-allergenic, this product combines a brightening effect, antioxidant protection and deep moisturizing all in one moisturizer.

“It makes my skincare routine simple, easy and fast,” Fanning said. “It’s something I enjoy wearing day-to-day.”

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