5 Habits of Women with Flawless Skin

Everyone knows that one woman with perfect, glowing skin. Every time you see her, you wonder what her secret is. How does she do it? Is she using a special, expensive product? Possibly some type of magical procedure?

The answer is no secret — her flawless skin is the result of a meticulous daily routine. Perfect skin is achievable! 

Here are five simple ways you can get glowing skin.

1.) Use the correct cleanser for your skin type

Using a daily cleanser, both in the morning and at night, is important. Toxic bacteria that can wreak havoc on your pores, causing acne or redness, can be eliminated with the right cleanser. Merlot’s Grape Seed Cleanser is perfect for all skin types. It’s mild, non-drying, fragrance free and refreshing — all in one!

2.) Maintain a healthy diet

The skin contains the ability to retain moisture and protect your body from harmful substances. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for this protection! Making sure your diet is balanced, with large amounts of fruits and vegetables, is imperative in gaining glowing skin. Add flax seeds or walnuts to your daily salad to up your intake of omega-3, which increases your skin’s ability to hold moisture. Eating foods with low glycemic indexes (such as simple and complex carbohydrates) can assist in reducing your chance of breakouts and accumulation of excess oil.

3.) Use sunscreen everyday

The importance of wearing sunscreen 365 days a year should not be understated. 

"Many people feel they only need to protect themselves on sunny days or when visiting the beach," says Dr. Debbie Palmer, a New York dermatologist in an article in Good Housekeeping. "But the truth is that we need to protect our skin even when we're driving a car, flying in an airplane, or running errands. It's the daily UV exposure that contributes to the visible signs of aging." 

What type of sunscreen should you use? Products that contain SPF of 30 or greater are suggested.

4.) Hydrate — in every way possible

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking water throughout the day can improve your skin more than you realize. Make sure to consume around eight glasses of water per day. Hydrating your skin with a daily moisturizer should also be part of your daily beauty routine. Remember, the best times to moisturize are right after showering or before bed. Choosing moisturizers that are gentle and do not contain heavy fragrances, such as Merlot’s Grape Seed Moisturizer, are the best in maintaining flawless skin!

5.) Get that beauty sleep

While using the right products does assist in maintaining healthy skin, your body cannot function properly or efficiently without enough sleep. Doctors recommend getting eight hours of sleep (at minimum) per night. Not getting enough sleep can damage your skin and cause paleness, acne, swelling and more harmful side effects! 

The secret is out! Flawless skin is manageable — you just have to maintain a consistent beauty routine and seek balance and healthy habits in all areas of your life. The results will follow!

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