4 Activities for Holiday Bonding

Christmas may be over, but the holiday festivities aren’t! Family is still in town. Cookies and sweets abound. This time of year is the opportunity to spend valuable time with loved ones and give thanks. Memories that have been created over the past weeks will last a lifetime. But, just because the presents have been opened, doesn’t mean the festivities and memories have to end!

Here are four fun and healthy family activities to keep the holiday spirit going into the New Year!

1. Sign up for a run. Christmas break is a great time to be active together. Find a fun 5k run or walk.This is a great way to burn off all the sugar from the holidays and bond as a family. 

2. Declutter together. Cleaning out old or unused toys, clothes and et cetera for donation benefits your family and others. The items your family doesn’t use might make a great gift for another person. Plus, decluttering and organizing is a great way to launch into a new year!

3. Bust some moves. Take a walk, go sledding, take a trip to a museum. Find free and local activities to get you and your family out of the house while Christmas decorations are still up. Many Christmas displays and lights haven’t been taken down--take advantage and soak up the last of Christmas festivities!

4. Holiday movie/workout marathon. In order to get some exercise and watch holiday movies, assign different words, phrases or music to different workout moves. For example, when someone in the movie says “christmas” you  do 10 jumping jacks. Have fun assigning different exercises and sweating while you indulge in holiday movies.

Staying healthy and bonding with your family go hand-in-hand. It should be fun and easy to maintain holiday cheer, spend valuable time with loved ones and maintain your health! 

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