3 tips for fall skincare

Fall in now in full swing. Leaves are changing. Sweaters are coming out from deep in the closet. With the change in weather, skincare experts advocate a change in your skincare routine as well.

Autumn brings cooler weather, plus a drop in humidity. These conditions make for dry, stale air resulting in dry skin. 

As temperatures drop, the dry heat from radiators and heating systems continue the drying process which can lead to eczema and itchy skin.

“It’s a setup for skin disasters,” said Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist in New York City, in an article in Allure Magazine.

Dermatologists suggest three tips to successfully survive with healthy, glowing skin throughout the fall season.

1.) Use a thicker daily moisturizer

Say goodbye to your usual, lightweight, oil-free daily moisturizer. It’s bulking season-- for your body and your moisturizers. Choose a heftier hydrator to reach deep into your skin that is already depleted of moisture. A cream made with ceramides is advocated. Ceramides are essential fatty acids which hold the skin together retaining elasticity and moisture. They occur naturally in the skin, but need to be given a boost during colder months in which their stores are depleted. We recommend MutliV6 Multivitamin moisturizer! It's not only extremely hydrating, but contains aded vitamins perfect for rejuvenating your skin. 

2.) Slow down on exfoliation

Scrubbing your skin regularly helps unclog pores which help prevent acne, blackheads and the general buildup of oil and dry skin. But, when does exfoliating on the regular become excessive and unhealthy? Most exfoliators contain  harsh ingredients such as retinoids and glycolics which can have an adverse effect if used too much. If your skin becomes oily and/or extra shiny, or you experience puffiness or breakouts, then you may be overdoing it. A rule of thumb: exfoliate every three days as this gives your skin time to recover.

3.) Add a body lotion

Don’t forget about your body! Often, we are so focused on taking care of our face, we forget about the rest of our body. When summer humidity ends, your skin all over your body may begin to feel dry and itchy. There is less moisture in the air to hydrate the skin. This may cause itchiness and eczema. How to fix this? Load up on hydration from head to toe! Slather on a body lotion. We recommend this hydrating body butter!

Other tips:

Summer heat and sunlight ravages the skin. In addition to modifying your normal skincare routine, some dermatologists recommend taking supplements and antioxidants if your skin needs an extra boost. In addition, if your skin is taking a toll from lack of moisture, investing in a humidifier may be another beneficial option.