Keeping Up With Resolutions: Part Two

In the last blog post, four tips gave advice on starting the new year right. In part two of the series, use these tips to maintain your resolutions and finish 2018 strong!

Treat Yourself

You’ve got your calendar set. You’ve got your workout schedule detailed and planned to the tee. Maybe you’ve even got your meal plan prepped. You are making big changes. While the key to creating new habits is consistency and strictly adhering to the plan, you need breaks. Make sure to treat yourself every once-in-awhile. When you reach a smaller goal, reward yourself with something small. It will give you a little boost of motivation!

Get some support

You aren’t in this process alone! Create a buddy system to help keep you on track. If no one else is completing resolutions similar to yours, find an accountability partner who will check up on you. Having to answer to someone else will prevent you from slipping up. Creating a network of support is essential is attaining your goals.

Keep it up!

When the going gets tough, don’t give up! A slip-up is almost inevitable when you are making big changes. However, don’t let a small mistake let you get discouraged. Don’t use this as an excuse to give up! When this happens, have confidence and pick up right where you left off. Don’t let a momentary setback kill your resolutions! The struggle is worth it!

Be in charge of your future

When you fall off the bandwagon, which may be inevitable at some point, immediately forgive yourself and keep moving forward. No matter how you feel, your old habits do not control you. You are in charge of your future actions! You are ultimately to blame for succeeding or failing your goals, not anyone else. The sole way you will cross the finish line is with perseverance, determination and self-control.

Taking responsibility for your future may be intimidating. But, is staying the way you are a better alternative? No, that is why you chose to change! If you implement these tips you will be in position to change your life this year. Your ultimate happiness is worth the effort.

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